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Living Your Life as a Beautiful Offering - Member Book

Image of Living Your Life as a Beautiful Offering - Member Book


This Member Book by Angela provides a personal study experience five days a week plus viewer guides for the group video sessions of this women's Bible study. A Leader Guide is also include. Angela encourages women to rekindle their hearts by returning their lives to God. How can an imperfect life with blemishes and scars reflect back to God a true gratefulness for His love? Jesus knows you are not perfect, but He also knows that you are made perfect in Him, if only you will come and surrender to Him daily.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gives us His compassionate instruction for everyday living and then wraps His teaching with the promise of His blessing. “Jesus wants us to learn to live in a way that reflects the kingdom of God to the world, to live as a woman with a kingdom heart,” writes Angela. “I truly want to be that woman. And Jesus says that when you are, it’s beautiful and blessed.”

Leader Kit sold separately. (7 sessions)